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How Hypnotherapy works for Weight Loss

If I had a euro for every time someone asked this question, I would be experiencing my lockdown in a villa in Barbados right now!!! Hypnotherapy has been around for centuries and has been a very useful tool dating back to times of the Vietnam war when soldiers used Hypnotherapy for pain control when amputating […]

We Have No Choice

WE HAVE NO CHOICE We had no choice in how were brought up, how we looked, how we dressed for the most part and more importantly how we felt!  We are all a product of our own environment.  Where we lived, who we lived with and what we were exposed to, have all been contributing […]

A testimonial from an underactive Thyroid client who lost weight in our Online course!

This lady wishes to remain anonymous so I have just uploaded her review that she sent me privately.  We are very proud of her results as she allowed us help her remove any mental limits she had around losing weight.  She has a condition that makes it a little harder to lose weight.  The reality […]