one stone TO LOSE (OR LESS)

We can help you achieve your goal of losing one stone in as little as 3 visits by using powerful Hypnotic techniques to help you reprogram your subconscious mind.  This will eliminate negative food choices from your daily eating patterns, thus relieving you from the feeling of guilt and deprivation in relation to food.

When you attend the WLC on an individual basis to lose one stone, the program is divided up into 3 visits.

Your first visit involves a detailed one to one consultation with your Weight Loss Clinic specialist, either in person or ONLINE via Skype/Zoom so that you can discuss your weight loss needs and goals.  Once the consultation has taken place you can both arrange what times and dates would suit for your second and third visit.

What to expect in your 1st Visit:

Whether you decide to have your consultation online or in the clinic, you will be educated on what Hypnosis is and how we use it to reprogram your subconscious mind.  During this visit, you get a chance to get to know your WLC specialist and he/she can answer any questions you may have in relation to how it works etc.  This is also a chance for the WLC specialist to learn what your needs are, as this program is tailored to suit your individual needs so that you reach your goal in the easiest way possible in the most reasonable amount of time.

What to expect in the 2nd Visit:

We use a powerful process to get you on track to achieving your goal of losing one stone, by using the most advanced Hypnotherapy methods available to make this journey as easy as possible for you.
Using these methods, we can help you reprogram your subconscious mind and break the bad habits that are affecting your weight & your health either in the present or the risks associated with your weight in the future.

Using Hypnotherapy, you can enjoy the difference between dieting and making your weight loss journey easy and painless by using your subconscious mind to remove the desire for the bad choices, sweet foods, greasy foods, large portions and many other benefits.  The average weight loss for a person is from 2lbs to 4lbs per week, but can vary from client to client.

What to expect in the 3rd Visit:

Firstly, we assess your progress, and discuss the changes you've noticed since your previous visit.  We use this opportunity to fine tune some habits (only if necessary), so as to ensure you continue on your path to achieving your goal.  Not only do we focus on weight loss during this visit, but we usually send our clients off with a more positive outlook on life by giving them some bonus 'feel good' suggestions!  We help you reprogram your mind in such a way that you actually enjoy losing weight and it feels very different to any other methods you have used in the past.  You will feel positive as you lose weight because you have been programmed to enjoy healthy eating!   By the time you have completed this course, you will have made healthy foods your favourite foods, therefore eliminating the feeling of deprivation and guilt from your weight loss journey!  It's actually a lot of fun when you catch yourself salivating over an apple!!!  You will also notice an increase in your desire for exercise and drinking water as we all know these go hand in hand with losing weight the healthy way!

What makes the WLC different to other weight loss programs is that our approach and methods reprogram your mind into not wanting the bad foods.  When you don’t want something it’s very easy to give it up.  We help you to program your mind into wanting the good stuff so this inevitably facilitates weight loss the easy way!


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