“A Positive Mindset Matters When Trying To Make Lifestyle Changes That Will Last”

“A Positive Mindset Matters When Trying To

Make Lifestyle Changes That Will Last”

How to Keep Your Mindset Positive in Daily Life:

The first step to a positive mindset is to think about the present moment.

We often get caught up in thoughts about the past, or worries about the future. When we do this, we are not living in the moment. And when we are not living in the moment, it is hard to be happy. Many people continue to beat themselves up for failing at sustaining restrictive diets. This is not going to help them move forward.

The next step is to take care of ourselves physically and mentally.

When we are physically healthy, our mood improves and so does our outlook on life. We have more energy and feel better about ourselves when we exercise and eat well. When we are feeling positive it’s much easier to choose healthier foods which we know will work in harmony with our bodies.

The right mindset is the key to long-lasting weight loss. Research has shown that adopting a positive mindset and changing your behavior can lead to more weight loss than if the person simply adopted a standard diet and exercise program.

Why Diets Don’t Work:

It is refreshing to see more and more experts advising people to adopt a positive mental attitude around food instead of following a restrictive Diet. The Diet/Nutrition industry is worth approximately $450bn and it seems a little ironic that we are witnessing an obesity epidemic right now. When you step back a take a look at it…if this industry was developed in such a way to help your health we wouldn’t be seeing so many people struggling. If these big monster Diet companies were really set up to help you in the long term, shouldn’t there have been a much more positive outcome? Diets do not work in the long term as Willpower runs out and old habits return when our emotions (Subconscious Mind) override logic and reason (Conscious Mind). Deprivation, Shame and Guilt are the most common emotions we experience on a diet and sure these feelings can’t possibly help people live a happy life.

Thankfully more people are starting to think outside the box now and understand the importance of our mental health and how adopting a more positive mindset around food and exercise is the key to maintaining your fit and healthy body. Using Hypnosis to make these lasting changes is becoming extremely popular for people who have tried all the diets out there! It really does work as you can change habits from a deep subconscious level so they become part of your new reality.

A Positive Mental Attitude is ESSENTIAL for success no matter what you want to achieve in life, especially Weight Loss.

Rosie Callaghan

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Owner of the Weight Loss Clinic