Nuala O'Kane


Adv Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy (MNIH) Therapeutic Counsellor (MBACP)


Nuala O’Kane is a Clinical Hypnotherapist (MNIH) and a Therapeutic Counsellor (MBACP).  She is a dedicated Mental Health Professional and deeply passionate about the work she does. Nuala feels honoured by so many people that have entrusted her, to enable them, to make positive changes to their lives.


She works with a wide range of anxieties, fears/phobias and depression in relation to weight loss. Nuala leads the Hypnoslim classes in mid-Ulster and online which deal with weight loss, raising food awareness and promoting general healthy lifestyle changes.


Her dedication and commitment to helping people improve their lives drives her to be the best Therapist she can be. To do this, she is constantly learning and adding to her skill set. Nuala is very passionate in her work and strives to help people make those changes they never thought possible.

Peter Loughrey

Adv Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy (MNIH)

Therapeutic Counsellor (MBACP) 

Peter Loughrey is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor.  He has been practising Hypnotherapy since 2010.  Peter has a contract with his local GP practice in L’Derry, as well as a local cancer support group. He has been helping numerous clients reach their ideal weight, size and shape for the past 10 years using Hypnosis.  He helps them change how they feel towards certain foods so that they can be reprogrammed to eat more healthily, therefore weight loss is a beautiful side effect to this!

When Peter’s clients compare HypnoSlim to other methods they used in the past, they are astonished at how easy and effortless HypnoSlim is.  They no longer experience that old pain, guilt or deprivation while being in the mindset of being on a ‘diet’! 

Peter specialises in weight loss anxiety, which enables him and his clients, to get to the root issue which is causing them comfort eat.  He is calm, understanding and most importantly very passionate about helping his clients make positive change in their lives.

Karl Anthony Curtis

Adv Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy (MNIH)

Karl is the Founder/Co-owner of the Weight Loss Clinic and Founder/Owner of the Irish Hypnosis Ltd. Franchise.  He has more than 30 years experience in Clinical Hypnosis and has helped thousands of men and women change their relationship with food using hypnosis among many other things.  He is extremely passionate about helping people and educating them on their minds.

Karl founded the Weight Loss Clinic in 2010 and has joined forces with Rosie Callaghan to develop programs like HypnoSlim further so that these are made accessible for everyone both online and by location at affordable prices.  

He has made a significant breakthrough in the field of Hypnosis with the KAM - Karl Anthony Method and is seen as a international leader in the world of Hypnosis.  Karl's rapid emotional release method which we call the KAM, is a remarkable tool used in the Weight Loss Clinic by our Therapists and it compliments weight loss immensely.  Only certified KAM practitioners have access to this method and the results are groundbreaking.  It can get rid of anxiety in relation to weight loss in minutes.

Karl is also the owner of the ICHI, the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy of Ireland and he is actively training upcoming Hypnotherapists on an ongoing basis.  You can find him at our Weight Loss Clinic Headquarters in the Drogheda Medical Clinic.