Teenage WELLNESS Program

Almost 1/3 of Irish children are classed as obese.  Boys are ranked at 98th and girls at 78th in the global obesity charts out of 200 countries that were assessed.  Now that 1/3 of Irish Children are overweight, Ireland ranks at 58th out of 200 countries for its proportion of overweight youth, new data shows.

Our children are facing huge challenges today that we as parents didn't have growing up.  These range from the 24/7 accessibility of toxic foods, availability of money and electronic devices are on them almost all of the time.  Yes we had TV, yes we had biscuits in the house and perhaps a Nintendo or Atari!!!  But, we grew up in a society where our parents were in control of us (most of the time), where we didn't just pop to the shop to get a fun-size packet of chocolate, jellies or crisps on an average night because we wanted them.  We didn't come home from school midweek and have an option of a takeaway for dinner.  We didn't have unlimited access to screens.  Those of us who were lucky enough to grow up with a TV, shared it with the entire family and let's face it...for most of the week it was just the News, Glenroe & Dallas!  We didn't have 50 box sets on Nickolodeon to binge on, etc.  I'm sure you get the point.

Overweight kids of Ireland didn't choose to be overweight by sitting in front of the TV and playing video games, numbing themselves with food.  They are kids.  There are many factors responsible for this and sadly that is what's happening internationally also, and as a society and particularly we as parents are responsible for these guys until they reach at least the age of 18 so making excuses is simply not enough anymore.  Excuses are not helping these kids change their habits.  We only have a few years to help them make positive changes for their future and the WLC is extremely passionate about helping your young ones develop a healthy relationship with food so that they can reach the size, weight and shape which is right for them and more importantly maintain it as they go through their teenage years which are already emotionally challenging.  Being overweight makes these teenage years even more torturous, and the risk factors involved in adulthood in relation to obesity involve hearts disease, stroke and diabetes.

Convenience and cost are other factors parents are faced with when it comes to running the home.  Many parents are working longer and harder, and all with the best of intention...to provide the best for their kids.  This in turn is leaving less time for food prep in the kitchen, which can lead to negative food choices including Pizza, Chips, Nuggets, Crisps, Chocolate, Sugary/Fizzy drinks etc.

The WLC's Teenage Wellness Program can help kids break away from their negative relationship with food.  We work with them using Hypnosis to reprogram their minds to enjoy healthy food, exercise and to drink more water. All three of these things naturally lead to weight loss.  More importantly, we address the emotional attachment they have formed with food, so that eating healthily becomes their new 'norm'.  We help program their mind to take responsibility for their future and present body shape.  This weight loss program not only helps them lose weight, but while doing so, your child also gains emotional intelligence at the same time which inevitably, sets them up for their future in a more positive way.

Kids who are 12 years and older are welcome to apply for this program.  A parent or guardian over 18 years old must be present for the Consultation.  During this Consultation, we gather all the information necessary to tailor this personalised program to suit the individual needs of the child and at the same time we can educate the parent on what is to be expected of them to help their child on their weight loss journey.

Being challenged by obesity as a child is setting these kids up for a life of pain, both mentally and physically, and we have the solution at the WLC to help eliminate this issue for them in a very safe and compassionate environment.

We help them break their cycle by reprogramming their minds to EAT TO LIVE rather than LIVE TO EAT.

The TEENAGE WELLNESS PROGRAM includes 7 visits:

  1. Consultation
  2. Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  3. Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  4. Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Emotional Eating
  5. Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Emotional Eating
  6. Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  7. Hypnosis for Weight Loss
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