sugar addiction

It is a well known fact that Sugar is highly addictive.  It is so aggressive, to the point where it can bore holes in your teeth, the hardest part of your body, so if it can have a decaying effect on your teeth, what is it doing to the internal organs in your body?  

Most people are aware of the dangers of artificial Sugar in the body.  Sugar has so many negative health issues related to it including Heart Disease, Weight Gain, Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Sugar and can affect our brain and its functions.

It is difficult to estimate how much sugar you are consuming, but with a little effort you can notice it on the labels of most food.  There are many different names given to sugar for example 'niacin' so very often it is in disguise on food labels and this is no coincidence!

Sugar addicts who enjoy excess fizzy/sugary drinks, chocolate, sweet cakes, crisps or ice-cream on a regular basis are in serious danger of hurting their bodies and causing permanent damage.

A 60 minute Consultation will allow us to determine your relationship with sugar.  It will enable us to establish the best program for our Sugar Addict client.  If our weight loss programs are not suitable, we will tailor a program here to suit the individual needs of our clients.  Some of our clients have been addicted to sugar but they were not overweight and very often only require 3 visits including the Consultation.

SUGAR ADDICTION Program (provided Client does not need to lose weight)

  1. Consultation
  2. Hypnosis for sugar addiction
  3. Hypnosis for sugar addiction


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