Mini gastric band

(1-3 Stone)

In today's society, there are noticeable consequences for convenience and easy to access foods in the form of weight gain.  This comes with many health risks.  As we continue to hold this extra weight, it can cause us to feel down, which then leads us to eating more food in an attempt to feel happy.  Many people find themselves comfort eating on a regular basis, and they really struggle to control this vicious circle that's going on in their head.

Our lifestyle, work commitments, stress and boredom are things we face in the modern world that can lead us to make negative food choices.   Many of us use food for all the wrong reasons.  The emotional attachment we have to unhealthy foods can be extremely harmful to our overall health, both physically and mentally.

Our MINI GASTRIC BAND program is ideal if you are someone who wants to take back control of your eating habits.  We help reprogram your mind to choose healthy foods, not by giving you a set of rules, but simply by changing how you feel about certain foods, so when you have been programmed to love fresh fruit, you will automatically want to eat it!  Not because we tell you to eat it, but simply because you WANT to eat it.  This is what makes Hypnoslimming the easiest way to lose weight.  How can it be difficult to give up something if your new reality tells you that you don't actually want it?!

The MINI GASTRIC BAND is divided into 5 visits.

  1. Consultation 
  2. Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  3. Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  4. Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Emotional Eating
  5. Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Emotional Eating

Once your initial consultation is completed, your WLC Specialist will arrange your one to one hypnoslimming appointment schedule with you.

What you need to know about all of our WLC Specialists:

  • Professionally trained Hypnotherapists with the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy of Ireland
  • Mastery Level Certification in Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
  • Follow the WLC Hypnoslimming process

We are very selective in choosing our Hypnotherapists at the WLC so that we can ensure you get the best quality care and compassion on your personal weight loss journey.  It's not just about losing a few pound at the WLC, but more about giving that extra help to ensure you make permanent changes in your relationship with food which in turn impacts your life in many other positive ways too.

Our mission is to help you EAT TO LIVE rather than live to eat.

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