6 STONE & more

This is an increasing trend in Ireland and an extremely unhappy experience for many people carrying this amount of extra weight.  We have been helping many clients lose up to 10 stone of extra weight.  The beauty of what we do at the WLC is that it's not just about helping people lose weight, but through the power of Hypnosis, we also reprogram their minds to enjoy eating healthily so that it becomes easy and effortless and eating well becomes their new reality at a subconscious level.  We address why someone is overeating so that they don't go back to the old ways once they complete this program.

Unfortunately, many people feel as if there is nowhere to turn, they have tried, tested and failed at many diets.  They have attempted many ways to reduce their weight and even if they managed to reduce some of their weight, they found that the toughest challenge they faced then was trying to keep that weight off.

Each time they tried and failed, they would quickly reside to the fact that they couldn't possibly lose weight so they would give up completely.  This is a vicious cycle, because after they failed they would experience negative emotions which would lead them back to the cycle of comfort eating which increases their weight and decreases their chances of health and happiness, mobility and so many other consequences that occur as a result.

For some people, in a desperate attempt to lose the weight or possibly for health challenges, they are referred to Surgery in an attempt to reduce the amount of food they are consuming.  The biggest challenge exists after surgery.  We have had clients attend the WLC who had the real Gastric Band Surgery and did lose some weight but because the emotional cause of weight had not been addressed, they simply reverted back to the bad lifestyle shortly after which can lead to depression, hopelessness and many other mental and physical challenges leading to more physical weight gain.

At the Weight Loss Clinic, we tailor a program to suit the individual needs of each client.  We look at all the challenges you face on a daily basis.   We highly recommend that you have a medical completed before you start your journey with us to assess important factors such as your thyroid gland, blood pressure, heart rate and other appropriate factors that will benefit you on this journey so that you are safe and that it is effective from the start.

During your Consultation (90 mins), we gather all the appropriate information necessary to proceed efficiently to your next visit.  We use this time to educate you on the path that is needed to start the journey of changing your Lifestyle.

When we get to root cause of WHY there is overeating, our client can finally understand why their subconscious mind needed some comfort and in these cases it chose food.  Other people have chosen alcohol or drugs to comfort/numb themselves.  However, the most common comfort for people is FOOD and the reason for this, is that it’s something we can do every day.  So, if the subconscious mind is feeling low, sad, angry, lacking in value, stressed, hurt, under attack or any other negative emotions, due to challenges we face in this modern world, then increasing food intake, including junk food, is an easy choice, as it is subtle and it leads to obesity over time.

We help reprogram your mind to choose healthy foods, not by giving you a set of rules, but simply by changing how you feel about certain foods, so when you have been programmed to love fresh fruit, you will automatically want to eat it!  Not because we tell you to eat it, but simply because you WANT to eat it.  This is what makes Hypnoslimming the easiest way to lose weight.  How can it be difficult to give up something if your new reality tells you that you don't actually want it?!

The HYPNOTIC GASTRIC BAND PLUS is divided into 10 visits

  1. Consultation
  2. Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  3. Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  4. Emotional Eating
  5. Emotional Eating & Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  6. Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Virtual Hypnotic Surgery Prep
  7. Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery
  8. Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  9. Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  10. Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Once your initial consultation is completed, your WLC Specialist will arrange your one to one hypnoslimming appointment schedule with you.

What you need to know about all of our WLC Specialists:

  • Professionally trained Hypnotherapists with the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy of Ireland
  • Mastery Level Certification in Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
  • Follow the WLC Hypnoslimming process
  • Passionate about helping people escape from their prison

We are very selective in choosing our Hypnotherapists at the WLC so that we can ensure you get the best quality care and compassion on your personal weight loss journey.  It's not just about losing weight at the WLC, but also, it is about giving that extra help and compassion to ensure you make a permanent and positive change in your relationship with food and your lifestyle, in the easiest way possible.

Our mission is to help you EAT TO LIVE rather than live to eat.

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