7 Healthy Eating Habit Tips!

If you are looking for a healthy diet plan, as in someone to tell you what to eat from Monday to Sunday then this article is not for you.

A healthy diet plan is important to keep your body and mind fit. But when you are running short of time, it becomes difficult to stick to a plan unless you are super prepared and planning ahead.

So here’s a list of tips that can help you adopt new healthy eating habits that will help you lose weight without the feeling of being told what to do! We are all grown ups, that need to be able to choose what we want to eat for ourselves at this stage without feeling guilt and deprivation by even thinking about food!!!

  1. Use a SIDE PLATE so you can keep your portion sizes small
  2. Only eat when you have a PHYSICAL APPETITE
  3. Understand that your STOMACH is only the size of your FIST
  4. Use your TEETH to CHEW your food
  5. Drink plenty of WATER
  6. When you get that signal that you are full PUT THE KNIFE AND FORK DOWN!
  7. Speak POSITIVELY to yourself and get out of your own way!

When these suggestions go deep into your Subconscious mind using Hypnosis they become AUTOMATIC like saying your ABCs!!!