We Have No Choice


We had no choice in how were brought up, how we looked, how we dressed for the most part and more importantly how we felt!  We are all a product of our own environment.  Where we lived, who we lived with and what we were exposed to, have all been contributing factors to shaping us as human beings in how we feel and behave today.

People who come to our clinics have already been programmed just like you and me, to behave and feel a certain way.  When we are born, our subconscious mind works straight away and if you can imagine this being the hardrive of your body and mind (just like the hard drive of your new laptop/computer), it starts to absorb programming straight away.  Whatever programming you give it becomes its absolute reality. 

So when you get a new computer, you have to download programmes in order to make it work and do what you need it to do.  When you are born, everything that happens after that day, is stored in your subconscious mind and becomes part of your programming.  Events that happen, things that are said to you, things that are not said to you and things that you perceive are done to you.  Both happy and not so happy things.  How we perceive all of these things in those early years is completely out of our control. 

Our first 7/8 years of life is crucial in the development of our emotional well being so ultimately it can affect our choices down the road if we aren’t confident in ourselves.  The reason for this, is that the Conscious part of the mind doesn’t kick in until after the first 7/8 years of life, so this is why a child cannot rationalise certain things.  The conscious part of the mind is where our logical thinking happens, our short-term memory, the here and now, analytical thinking and very importantly our judgement is going on in here too! 

When a child draws a pretty picture on the living room wall, of her and her mammy having a lovely time, that child cannot understand why mammy is throwing a wobbler when she catches her!  The little girl cannot think of any logical reason for mam to be behaving so coldly towards her when the little one’s perception of the event is one where she is showing mom how much she loves her.  ‘But I love you mam and I wanted to show you this…look at the lovely big heart beside your head mam’!  The wee girl doesn’t realize that there is an inconvenience caused here and that the work that has to be done to ‘correct’ this is not helping mam who runs a busy house!

I sincerely hope neither of my two little ones decide someday that it would be a nice thing to do for me, but by understanding the model of the mind, and having control of my own mind, I understand that it would be them making a nice gesture!  Still, let’s hope it doesn’t happenl!!! 

So my point here is…we have all been programmed and for most of us, part of our programming is ‘don’t colour on walls because its bold’, but perhaps being aware of things that have shaped us into who we are and how we feel, can help us choose how we want to be programmed for the rest of our lives. 

Personally, finding Hypnosis to change my programming has been the greatest thing I could ever find in my life.  I’m not perfect, but I love who I am because I now have control of my mind since having been ‘rebooted’ with Hypnosis.   I now control what gets into my subconscious mind because the old negative programming has gone and the new positive programming has taken over! Life is for living and it goes so fast!  I believe most of us could do with a ‘reboot’ to allow us to start enjoying life instead of just surviving it!  We were not put on this earth to suffer!  Its your life, and your right to choose how you want to spend it and who you want to spend it with!

Rosie Callaghan