HypnoSlim Online has been a growing trend during Covid 19.

Since 2010, the Weight Loss Clinic has been changing the lives of people who found themselves 'stuck in a rut' on a continuous basis.  We launched our location classes in 2019 and went ONLINE in Feb 2020.  Our clients have been pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to lose weight when using Hypnosis.  Online clients feel more comfortable in their own homes in 2020 considering it hasn't been an option to attend location classes of any kind since March this year.  Some people came from various other weekly weight loss classes, and cannot believe how much easier it is now that they have changed their relationship with food at a deep level at HypnoSlim.  Traditionally, both men and women used to attend weekly meetings including a 'weigh in' to be told they were either up a pound or two or down a pound or two, but many people found that it was very difficult to sustain any sort of real weight loss resulting in binge eating, and very often gaining even more weight than before.

What differentiates HypnoSlim from a run of the mill programme is that we don't focus on counting calories and beating ourselves up.  We simply guide you into Hypnosis and help you reprogramme how you feel about certain foods (sugary & fatty foods).  This results in eliminating your WANT for these unhealthily foods and voila...you automatically start choosing healthy foods.  It's not rocket science!  When we don't actually want these negative foods then we no longer feel deprived when we stop eating them.  Our programme also involves repetitive suggestions regarding enjoying exercise and drinking lots of water.  As the 6 week programme progresses we include plenty of positive suggestions which help you feel good about yourself and the world around you.  HypnoSlim Online is the first programme of its kind which makes Hypnosis for Weight Loss affordable today and even more appealing in this socially distant society.  To hear from our clients themselves, please visit our Testimonial page.