For the client who only needs to lose one stone.

We can help you achieve your goal of losing one stone in as little as 3 visits.

Visit one is your detailed consultation visit, your weight loss clinic specialist will meet you in person or arrange your consultation via a Skype call to discuss your weight loss needs and goals. Once the consultation has taken place the weight loss clinic specialist can arrange with you the times and dates for your second and final visit.

Visit one is a powerful process to get you on track to achieve your goal of losing one stone by using the most advanced Hypnotherapy methods available to make this journey as easy as possible for you.
Using these methods, we can help you reprogram your subconscious mind and break the bad habits that are affecting your weight & your health either in the present or the risks associated with your weight in the future.

Using Hypnotherapy, you can enjoy the difference between dieting and making your weight loss easy and painless by using your subconscious mind to remove the desire for the bad choices, sweet foods, greasy foods, large portions and many other benefits.

The average weight loss for the human is from 2lbs to 4lbs per week but can vary from client to client.
Visit two we assess your progress and fine tune if necessary to ensure your path to achieving your goal continues. We also strengthen your subconscious mind using the latest Hypnotherapy methods available.
We want you to enjoy losing rather than the usual stressful diets that most of our clients would have tried in the past before they arrive to us. Imagine the difference and simplicity when it comes to food choices, the diet method relies on you going cold turkey, the mind set can be negative using this approach as in when we can’t have something we seem to want it more.

Our approach and methods reprogram your mind into not wanting the bad foods or choices. When you don’t want something it’s very easy to give it up.

Using Hypnotherapy, we can program your mind to not want the bad choices causing the current weight.

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