For the client who has sugar addiction

Most of us are aware of the dangers of Sugar in our body. Sugar has so many health issues related to it.
From Heart Diseases, to Weight Gain, Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Sugar and can even affect our brain and its functions.

Remember Sugar is so aggressive that it can bore a hole in your teeth and remember your teeth are the hardest part of your body, so if it can have a decaying effect on your teeth what is it doing to your body?

It is difficult to know without reading every label form every product how much sugar you are consuming but with a little effort you may be very surprised to see its use in most food supplies.

If you are one for sugary drinks, chocolate, sweets cakes, ice-creams then you really are in danger of the consequences that can hurt us from too much sugar in our system. Even to over use of alcohol can lead to high blood sugar levels.

A consultation visit lets us together determine your relationship with sugar and its effects on only your health but maybe on the waistline also.
The Consultation Visit is one hour and once you commit to the program we can help you in as little as two visits.

Obviously if you have a lot of weight on due to just a diet of Sugary foods then the weight loss clinic specialist may suggest the appropriate number of sessions recommended to achieve a sugar free body and help your waistline.

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