In the era of modern convenience, choice, easy to access foods there is a consequence and the consequence is added weight to your body which can cause many health risks, as we continue to hold this extra weight it can cause us to feel down which can lead to eating more food in an attempt to feel happy.
Our life style and work commitments, stress, boredom, and many other stresses we face in the modern world can lead us to make bad choices, we can use food for all the wrong reasons.

Our 1 – 3 stone weight loss programs is perfect and a smart solution.

Once your initial consultation is completed with your weight loss clinic specialist and you select this option, the specialist can arrange the times and dates that suit you.

This process is undertaking in as little as 4 visits (5 including the consultation) For some clients their weight can be either from long term poor choices, lifestyle, alcohol or for most it can be a combination of all 3 which can also be caused by a subconscious emotional attachment to food, comfort, distraction, reward, disassociation and even addiction.

Our specialists are highly educated and trained in all areas of emotional eating issues using the best practices in order to remove any emotional connections to your eating so you can eat to live rather than living to eat.This option is very popular and It signifies the huge challenge people face when it comes to their happiness, health, confidence and so much more.

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