For the client who need to lose From 6 STONE & OVER

This unfortunately is an increasing trend and an extremely unhappy experience for many who experience carrying weight from 6 stone and over 6 stone. We see clients ranging from 6 – 8 from 8 – 10 – from 10 – 12 and even higher attending our clinics.

Unfortunately, they feel there is nowhere to turn, they have tried and haplessly failed many, many attempts to find a way to reduce their weight and even if they did reduce their weight the hardest challenge they faced was trying to keep their weight off. With each attempt came failure and quickly they become resided to the fact that they cannot lose weight so they give up completely. This is a vicious cycle and with the experience of failure came the emotional experience of uncomfortable emotions which leads them back to the cycle of comfort eating which increases their weight and decreases their chances of health and happiness, mobility and so many other consequences that occur as a result.

For some in a desperate attempt to lose the weight or possibly for health challenges they may be referred to Surgery in an attempt to reduce the amount of food consumed.
The biggest challenge still exists even after surgery. We have had clients attend who had the surgery and did lose some weight but because the emotional cause of weight had not been addressed they simply reverted back to the bad lifestyle shortly after which can lead to depression, hopelessness and many other mental challenges leading to more physical weight gain. At the Weight Loss Clinic we have tailored programs that are built for you weight loss needs, we look at all the challenges, put falls, dangers and would highly recommend that the client attends a medical before such a journey, from accessing the Thyroid Gland to other factors such and Heart, blood Pressure and other checks that will benefit the journey safely and effectively.

As each client is unique and has a different experience and faced many different challenges the Consultation visit time we require with a client for this program is 90 Minutes. This ensures we gather all the appropriate information, detection, assessment and allowing time to educate the client to the path that is needed to start the journey of Lifestyle change. If the client chooses this program then the Weight Loss Clinic Specialist can arrange the appointment times and dates that suit you best.

The beauty of the Weight Loss Clinic and the experience shown is that when the program is set up properly and when the client is on the road to the new improved version of themselves by reinvesting the money that was once used to invest in the unhealthy lifestyle into their tailored program it can reduce the cost of investment significantly and in some cases help pay for their program and break even or even save some money.

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