For the client needing to lose from 3 – 6 stone

We see a large percentage of clients in our weight loss clinics everyday needing help.For anyone who has from 3 – 6 stone of weight to lose you do not need reminding of the struggle physically and mentally, if can seem like a prison sentence and in some ways for many clients it is.

The effects on a person’s health, body image, confidence is a 24-hour experience and there is no getting away from holding this large amount of weight.Simple things like getting in and out of the car, stairs, wearing less clothes in summer, summer holidays, keeping up with the kids not to mention trying to find clothes that you can wear.

The worrying thing is what’s happening on the inside.Weight can lead to a multitude of different health issues such Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Diabetes, Toxic Colon, Mobility just to mention a few.The current and future risks are enormous to say the least and in a very negative way the person is eating themselves into poor health. In fact, when you look at the amount of food they consume you can see clearly, they are investing in a very unhealthy future.It’s common for people carrying from 3 – 6 stone of weight that it has been triggered by a stressful event or big change has taken place, for others it has been an issue all their lives.

They can’t remember a time when they were slim. Even the communion pics or confirmation pics so they carrying weight.The reason again comes down to what we call the cause of weight.Something changed or happened in their live and the subconscious mind needed some comfort and it chose food, other people may end up with drink or drug problems or both.The most common comfort for people is food as it’s something we do every day so if the subconscious mind is low, sad, angry, low value, stress, hurt and many other experiences and challenges we can face in the modern world then the increase in food is an easy choice and it is subtle and over time leads to obesity.

Once your initial consultation is completed with your weight loss clinic specialist and you select this option, the specialist can arrange the times and dates that suit you.
This process is undertaking in as little as 7 visits (6 including the consultation)

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