Childhood Obesity Programs

Almost a third of children are classed as obese in Ireland and boys rank 98th in the obesity charts and girls rank 78th out of 200 countries. Almost a third of Irish Children are now over weight and Ireland now ranks 58th out of 200 countries for its proportion of overweight youth, new data shows.

These are huge challenges for our children and come from a range of different issues and challenges they face in the modern world. Because the pace of life has never been so fast parents do not have the time to make healthy foods or have time to cook fresh foods from scratch. The other challenge parents face is the weekly shopping expense each week and affordability of the correct food sources become difficult if not impossible for most parents. Convenience and cost is the factor when it comes to most people shopping experiences. Parents are working longer and harder leaving less time for the kitchen which can lead to bad choices from Pizza’s, chips, nuggets, crisps, chocolate, sugary drinks and the list goes on and on.

At the weight loss clinic, we can offer tailored programs to help the child to reprogram their mind to lose the desire for such choices, take responsibility for their future and present body shape by re programming their subconscious mind to the consequences for continuing the bad food lifestyle. A consultation visit is needed for the child with the parent present. We work with Children form the age of 12 years of age and upwards.

The consultation can evaluate the challenges faced by both the parent and child when it comes to the source of food and its consequences. We can also educate the parent to what will be expected from them to help aid their child’s weight loss progress. Having the challenge of an obese body as a child can set them up for a life of pain, mentally, and physically.

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